Marketing and Communications contents coordinator

Smile and follow your dreams. Don´t regret of what you haven't done. Do it!.

In love with communication, marketing, new trends and fashion.

She studied Journalism in the Pontificial University of Salamanca, but after she found her passion with a Master´s degree in Marketing and Advertising in the IED Madrid where she has specialized in creativity and cool hunting. She has a long professional career in different companies, from be journalist in local media groups to be events, communication and PR coordinator in international companies such as Urban outfitters, Cortefiel or Vocento Media Group.

She needs to be always recycling in what she loves so now she is studying a Master´s degree in Online Marketing to complete her knowledge in Marketing and Communication.

Creative and dynamic profile, she has a lot of initiative and always looking for new projects. Her energy and passion in what she does makes her in an amazing professional. She also has knowledge and skills in graphic design and content marketing.

In january of 2014 she started to work with Beiñ as Communication and content marketing coordinator. Also she has collaborated in every event we have made. Her international experience in London, Toulouse and Netherlands endorse her career. Isabel is a person full of energy, dreamer and responsible always with a solution when a problem shows up.

She is not afraid of new challenges in her life and she is never tired of find and discover new trends.




Graphic design studio

Although our name is a little bit confusing, we are a young and versatile graphic design studio, specializing in communication on/off. Our services are fresh, quality, and to add value always has been and always will be our goal. This means we provide a specific treatment for each kind of client and not try to sell you anything you do not need.

We are Jesus and Nazareth (no kidding), we have spent many years working and risking by keeping true to a working model in which creativity prevails above all.

Fashion is the mirror of a illustration one of its distinctive

Fashion Consultant with a great career in different areas of the fashion industry: from design and production to editorial stylist and art direction. To To Campos the plot as a illustrator may be the invisible connection between his different professional profiles.

  • Member of the Register of European Designers. BEDA, Bureau of European Designers' Associations.
  • Exhibitions: Fashion Designers at the threshold of the third millennium – Men’s in Skirts - Love or Come - Love or come (Just for Friends)
  • Illustrations for fashion brands. Figurines and Positional for PorFin!, Clc, Nona.
  • Selection of firms and coordination of stylists and runways shows Zone D (2011-12) Valencia Fashion Week.
  • Collaborations in fashion and trends in magazines and webzines: ‘H’, ‘Lamilk’, ‘Extra Moda Levante’, ‘Best’, ‘A ti De mi Novias’, ‘Byron Mag’, ‘Hiphunters’ ...
  • Offers conferences about Beauty Archetypes of the XX Century through Mass Media.

Founder & CEO

Whenever you see a successful business, someonce once made a courageous decision
Peter Drucker

She has a passionate enthusiasm for fashion and design, but her professional career was not geared towards this path at first. Graduated in Turism, with a Master''s Degree in Communication, P.R. and Protocol, she decided to specialize and devoted herself to the event management for different sectors. It was not until the age of 23 when she gave a chance to fashion and studied Fashion Design and Pattern Making at INSTITUT CATALÀ DE LA MODA (Catalan Institute of Fashion) in Barcelona. This experience was followed by other courses in a number or Fashion Schools, always combining her work and career with her studies.

Fashionista TC represents the fusion of her career, education and experience with her passion, from a perspective other than that of Design and preparation of her own collections. It is a valuable aid to open up new frontiers to great designers working nowadays in Spain, whose international development is hampered by the lack of resources and know-how. Her strong entrepreneurial vocation has led her to live between Spain and NY and put her career and professional knowledge at the service of this entire proyect.

  • Graduated in Turism, Master''s Degree in Communication, P.R. and Protocol and Postgraduated in Trade and International Economic Relations.
  • Specialized in event planning and management.
  • Monographic Course in Fashion Design and Pattern Making at Institut Català de la Moda (Catalan Institute of Fashion) in Barcelona. Visual Merchandising and Window-Dressing at CSDMM.
  • Diploma in Graphic Design (PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR AND INDESIGN), Alicante.
  • Fashion Trainings at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, “Tools of trade”: How to select Showroom & Trade Show, E-commerce, Get Buyers, Fashion Marketing, among others.
  • CEO of Fashionista Trade Consulting, International Trade Consulting Company specializing in FASHION