Tó Campos

Fashion is the mirror of a illustration one of its distinctive

Fashion Consultant with a great career in different areas of the fashion industry: from design and production to editorial stylist and art direction. To To Campos the plot as a illustrator may be the invisible connection between his different professional profiles.

  • Member of the Register of European Designers. BEDA, Bureau of European Designers' Associations.
  • Exhibitions: Fashion Designers at the threshold of the third millennium – Men’s in Skirts - Love or Come - Love or come (Just for Friends)
  • Illustrations for fashion brands. Figurines and Positional for PorFin!, Clc, Nona.
  • Selection of firms and coordination of stylists and runways shows Zone D (2011-12) Valencia Fashion Week.
  • Collaborations in fashion and trends in magazines and webzines: ‘H’, ‘Lamilk’, ‘Extra Moda Levante’, ‘Best’, ‘A ti De mi Novias’, ‘Byron Mag’, ‘Hiphunters’ ...
  • Offers conferences about Beauty Archetypes of the XX Century through Mass Media.