Beiñ is the perfect alternative for all those spanish brands and designers that wish to break into international markets.
A platform Managed by fashion and communication specialists, knowledgable in the laborious and costly process behind the internationalization of a brand, it helps open markets with ease due to collaboration and sponsorship from companies, institutions, associations and related international professionals, so that the world's emerging fashion firms can benefit from it..



We focus on strategic cooperation and  the  "CO" concept with and within companies in the sector: collaboration, cooperation, compromise, coworking and communication.


To bring Spanish Fashion all over the world.


We fled away from conventional circuits

We carrie out a complete fashion and lifestyle experience, connecting designers to their target (final consumer, buyers, influencers and related media through two channels:


 B2C (Business to Clients) + B2B (Business to Business)

Channels can also be supported by our main services:

Pop-up stores (B2C) Fashion Shows (B2B) Trade Shows (B2B)



The presence in NYC is as important as it is the experience of the platform in the city

Our aim is to make us known as a diverse group and catch the attention of the targeted groups, exciting them, making them part of it and transmitting unique sensations with each activity.
This action programs are designed to develop throughout the promotion campaign and more accentuated during the opening of the POP UP STORES linked to fashion, cultural values and Spanish lifestyle in general:

    •    Used to attract different groups: female customers, professionals, journalists and media.

    •    Complete communication with all our target groups: brands will tell who they are and show their creations directly to their public in an international market.

    •    We intend to generate synergies with companies from different sectors such as food, gastronomy, decoration, entertainment or technology, among others, which may be also interested in showing their products to the North American market.

    •    We held strategic locations throughout the city to celebrate exclusive events.





Independent designers and brands

(up-and-coming designers)

Footwear Appareal Accesories Lifestyle


That integrate the following qualities:

Made in Spain + Quality + Innovation + Ethics


And they want to break into the international market but cannot do it alone