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Moda 22 is in the number 48 of Llull Street. You have to go to the first floor with an industrial elevator. There is a Green door with a number 22, the name of the space. I had never been in a coworking space before but when you go to one is when you really can see how everything Works. That experience allows to me understand the concept in the right way. Ecoology and Sueños de Lucia are two of this designers ‘group MADE IN SPAIN



Designers need a physical spot where they can créate, design and sew. Sometimes you don’t have it, so it is when you go to a coworking space like Moda 22. This place brings to the designers the orientation and all the information and advices that an emergent designer needs to have a successful Brand. 


The place is such a nice and big space. When you enter you can see a Little reception with coaches, a Little kitchen and offices. The offices are desks where each designer can Project their style and bringing a personal touch. There are tables to make patterns and sewing machines. Also there is a door of glass and behind it you can find the Moda 22 showroom. There is where you can see all the designers clothing and collections.

The philosophy of the coworking spaces like Moda 22 is the creation of a platform where the entrepreneur can accelerate the business development and their projects. Moda 22 objective is impulse designers ‘talent and become in autonomous entrepreneur.



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¿Cómo nació la marca?

N.u.s.k nace del deseo de ofrecer moda y productos justos sin sacrificar estilo y calidad.

Tras varios años de experiencia en empresas como Hoss Intropia y Sita Murt, decidí  lanzar mi propia colección.

La idea de construir una colección basada en un proceso de diseño más pausado y sostenible parecía la mejor manera de volver a la moda.


¿Cómo definirías el estilo de la marca en una frase? 

Atemporal eco chic Made in Spain

¿Cuál es la filosofía de la marca?

N.u.s.k ofrece prendas creadas siguiendo un proceso de diseño slow el objetivo es crear una marca con estilo sin renunciar a la sostenibilidad.

La calidad es un must, por eso uso tejidos ecológicos, o reciclados. La fabricación es local apostando por la calidad tanto en la  materia prima como en la fabricación. La sostenibilidad no debe estar reñida con la moda. Presento prendas de recorrido más largo, atemporalesy de líneas puras… huyendo del usar y tirar y del fast fashion.

Sería bueno empezar a comprar menos cantidad y más calidad.


¿Cuáles dirían que son o han sido las mayores influencias a la hora de definir la marca?

Creo que hoy en día hay sobresaturación de marcas de moda, lo más importante para mí, era crear una marca con criterio y carácter. El reto es crear una marca ética y sostenible para mujeres que les gusta y disfrutan de la moda. Las influencias son un cúmulo de diversos conceptos que jugando con ellos me ayudan a dar el carácter que define a la marca. La inspiración viene de la exploración y curiosidad por el mundo que nos rodea, de lo urbano a la naturaleza, desde las tradiciones a lo más contemporáneo, cada pequeño detalle hace cada prenda especial. 



¿Famoso preferido / celebrity crush?

Diane Kruger


¿Cuáles han sido los momentos clave en la trayectoria profesional de la marca?

N.u.s.k es una marca joven, así que ahora mismo todos los momentos me resultan clave. Aunque a nivel comercial, la asistencia a ferias como CIFF Copenhagen y 080 Barcelona han sido vitales para dar a conocer la marca y captar nuevos puntos de venta.

¿Qué significa Estados Unidos para la marca?

Es un mercado que aprecia y valora la sostenibilidad en moda. Estados Unidos representa la oportunidad de consolidar la marca.

Dinos en una frase qué significa para ti trabajar con Beiñ.

Significa la oportunidad de abrir y conocer un mercado nuevo para la marca, lo siento como un proyecto en común.


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Lucia is waiting, she is in Moda 22 Hall, the coworking space where she has Sueños de Lucia office. She is so friendly and she has cute accent from the south os Spain. She is wearing a purple t-shirt from her collection and we love it. While we’re taking coffee I start the interview.




How does Sueños de Lucia start?

The Brand was born as an accessories Brand, I did belts, bracelets…but it was at the beginning. After that I changed to  clothing designs.


And where the name comes from?

The name comes from an Eduardo Galeano’s tale that a friend wrote and dedicates to me. It was called Lucia’s Dreams. I really love it so I decided to use it for my Brand.


How do you describe your Brand style?

When I start I wanted to focus to the couture because of the fabrics and materials treat. But right now I define my Brand as an urban and for the night instead.



What makes to you dedicate to fashion?

When I was a child I lived the artisan part with my grandparents; the leather, the couture or the kitchen. I started to get interest for the design, couture…and here I am.



What does make you dedicate to fashion industry?

When I was a child I lived the artisan part with my grandparents; the leather, the couture or the kitchen. I started to get interest for the design, couture…and here I am.





Which designers were the most those inspire you?

International designers. I love  Alexander McQueen and he is my favorite. Also Chanel, I love their classic lines in the designs. I admire Del Pozo, Spanish, and Galiano because he is so theatrical and I like the theatre clothing.


Celebrity crush?

As a women icon I really like Isabella Blume and I love Rosi de Palma.



What is for you Sueños de Lucia in USA?

It is a big step, a positive progress and it is good for the Brand.


What does mean to you work with Beiñ?

Illusion, effort and work.



b2ap3_thumbnail_14_Vestido-Marta.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_14_Luca.jpg

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Barcelona is a city with a Little secret spots and famous places to go. Passeig de Gracia is a huge walk where you can find a perfect mix between the local stores MADE IN SPAIN and the luxury and international ones. 


You can see the Mediterranean culture in the environment. There are terraces where people take coffees or breakfast and the clothes are light because of the warm weather. You also can enjoy Gaudí’s architecture with some of his famous buildings; “La casa Batlló” or “La pedrera”



In Passeig de Gracia there are two tracks, the first one is for the pedestrians and the other one is for the bicycle riders. That is a good idea, and much comfortable for everybody. You can get a bike just there and it is call Bicing, you can discover Barcelona in your bike and after you can leave it in another point or get the subway, it is up to you! Right now is super cool take you bike as hipster and cosmopolitan style.


Food Made In Spain is the most well known around the globe and the gastronomy you can find here is fabulous... there are a lot of restaurants of tapas, Mediterranean food, Italian…whatever you can imagine is in Barcelona. 

Another typical element that you can find in this walk are Kiosk, with tons of souvenirs and one of the most famous is the Barcelona’s Football team flag.

Also if you are a fashion lover you can visit with the most important brands in the world as Gucci, Channel or Furla and Spanish brands such as Mango, Zara, Uterque. I love walk calmly and see all the stores and little malls with the Spanish artisans as The Boulevard Rosa.



Is the perfect place to spend your afternoon shopping and taking a good dinner, and enjoy the Barcelona’s essence.