Beatriz Peñalver

Beatriz Peñalver

Beatriz Peñalver, originally from Almuñecar (Granada), finished her studies in Business Administration in 2010 and, after a first attempt on the profesional live in the financial sector, she decided to leave everything behind and focus her efforts on what had always been her dream: fashion.

Shortly after completing her studies, she started sewing and designing classes and got her first sewing machine, a gift from a close family relative, through which she discovered her new hobby and new way of life.

In November 2012 she already presented her second collection in “Quiin Madrid”, obtaining a great success. This involvement opened her doors to opportunities for collaboration with TV producers and Spanish entertainment programs such as “The Voice” in Telecinco or “A prince for Corina” in FOUR. This was also the event where she met the platform Beiñ, The Touch of Spain and began to take her first steps toward the Mecca of any fashion designer: to introduce a collection in New York City..

In early 2013, before beginning this American adventure, Beatriz Peñalver created a mini-collection of flamenco dresses for the first time which were used to dress the actresses in the film “Chimera” directed by Raúl Rosillo. This production was nominated in 3 categories during the Fashion Film Festival in San Diego – best picture, best fashion and best hairdressers – winning the latter.

Beatriz Peñalver designs are 100% versatile. You can combine them with a high heel and a clutch for an evening event, cocktail party or a wedding; or you can take them with boots, converse or ballet pumps for a more comfortable and casual look.

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