Benjamín Firman

Benjamín Firman

Benjamin Friman is a haute couture brand for women, its name comes from the own designer´s name to give his essence to all designs.

Benjamin has a huge experience in the fashion panorama, he created his first collection in 1998. However, the passion for fashion started when he was a little boy and he turned  the wedding dress of his mum into an another and completely different dress.

Benjamin Friman is not only designer, he is also a dressmaker because he is present in al the creation process to give all designs his "touch". All the pieces are 100% hand made and you could see in all of them his personality "Pure creativity in haute couture"

His collections of Pret-a-porter and Haute Couture reflected an special sensitivity for women world. The dress is his showpiece full of creativity, love and determination.


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