"It truly begins without me being aware of that. You do what you love, with little thinking about making it real, until a day comes that, the thing that you used to do because you loved it, turns so important that you need to do take it seriously and choose. Life is about choosing. It borns basically from the personal need of finding, or let it to find you, a project in which focus all your efforts, illusions and capabilities." Ernest Costafreda, founder

Handmade street style clothing. It is an urban clothing style, street inspired and designed for people, not for fashion catwalks. It is 100% handmade and all the process happens in Barcelona. The influences Talking in an artistic way, as you can see it, it is about illustration. We base all our models in a developed and detailed illustration that empowers our values. Talking about the concept, the brand is influenced by the cinema, the storytelling and also by Barcelona.

Costalame´s philosophy is expanding the ‘make la honey’ manifesto. Honey is an attitude towards life. It is being yourself and fighting for your dreams. It is positivism, zest for life. It is an ode to all those singular people who keep fighting to assert their values and ideals. That’s why we make associations with young designers and local workshops, with brave people who have the deep desire to change things.

Beiñ is for Costalamel a dream turn into real and the first step to conquer the USA market.


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