Ecoology is born with the aim to fulfill a dream: to live in a better world. Hence the idea of creating an eco-chic fashion online store was born.

Ecoology woman is curious, restless, vital and a design lover. She knows that every little gesture counts. It is an eco-sensitive woman who Ecoology helps easily wearing the latest trends. An important part of her philosophy is the ratio quality-price, putting the designs of the brands within the reach of most.

The collections are versatile, fresh and feminine, aimed at lovers of “slow life” made with natural and organic materials.

Patterns, apparently simple, are lovingly cared for in favor of women enhancing their femininity. They are highly versatile designs and very combinable.

The entire collections is designed and made in Barcelona, in small family workshops. One of the missions is to locate Ecoology productions in the closest areas in order to minimize also the environmental impact of offshoring.

Because fashion should be eco, Ecoology.


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