“Nordic cut and Mediterranean character”, that’s how Guillem Llull defines the style of the brand he launched in March 2014 and that already had a major impact in the media and fashion blogs: Guiëm.

“I think the menswear still has a long journey to get rid of stereotypes and conventions; that’s exactly where we want to get, to that liberation”. Customers of this brand have a unique personal style, they are people with clear ideas and with a desire to stand out and be different. Guiëm provides a way to define ones personality and experience through the clothes that ones wears.

Somehow like Patrick Harris, actor who plays the famous character Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother. Guillem has a great admiration for both the actor and the character as they both have a deep sense of elegance and confidence, defining concepts that also apply to the brand Guiëm.

His next adventure, the United States, is a new challenge that he starts with great enthusiasm and open to listen to what the customers think and want. According to the designer, Beiñ offers him the ability to “get out of Spain, open borders and find a new market in which everything is possible”.


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