Red & Rouge


“Red and Rouge is the icing on a well decorated cake”. This is how Núria Pagès defines her brand, a collection of hair accessories perfect for any time of the year.

Each of the designs tells a different story, a specific experienced lived by the designer and brought onto the final product. The designer defines her consumer as a feminine woman, elegant, modern and glamorous that trusts the brand.

Why red? “The red color is identified with passion, a feeling that has materialized many big dreams and historical feats, and it’s our way of transmitting our designs”.

Today Red&Rouge is a brand 100% handmade inspired in the small atelier where the grandma’s designer worked, and although with time they might expand their production with new systems, its foundation as a brand of quality craftsmanship remains its goal.

Núria has already tested successfully her product in New York City and now is trusting Beiñ to finally internationalize the brand in the US, one of the brand’s priority markets.

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