Taller de Artistas

Taller de Artistas by Sonia Olla

The Taller de Artistas was born about 14 years ago int he city of Sant Andrey de la Barca, close to Barcelona and place of residence at the time of the renowned dancer Sonia Olla and her family, whose origins come from Granada, Andalucía.

On summer evenings it was customary to meet in the park benches to cool. It is there where her mother, along with other relatives and neighbors, were doing sewing and crafts.

When Sonia began to dance professionally, it was them who created her costumes, which started serving as first exposure. This way Taller de Artistas was born.

When works permits it, Sonia travels to her homeland to join the workshop team and convey new ideas and designs that they embody amazingly, perhaps without being aware that their designs have crossed the Atlantic and are now exposed in cities like New York, Miami, Albuquerque, Philadelphia, etc. Definitely, one of the secrets of their success is Passion; the passion that Sonia feels for Flamenco dancing and that permits her invent and imagine always new designs without losing respect for this art dating from the eighteenth century.


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