Yaninna Luxury Shoes

YANINNA born as a bold brand that strives for a place on the world of luxury shoes, driven by the highest quality standards, always guided by perfection and with an impeccable feminine instinct, characteristics of the shoe's creator and an intrinsic reflection of her personality.

YANINNA was founded in 2015 in Portugal by Natalia Yanina Barbero after a hard work and illusion. The shoes are created by a careful selection of all the needed noble materials that are used on the making of these models following all the manufacturing process, where nothing gets left behind.

The shoe’s designs reflect the natural connoisseur of modern woman's whims. Natalia always was so creative and become a designer was one of her dreams. Her style was inspired by Manolo Blahnik as a designer and by Grace Kelly as a woman icon.

The philosophy of YANINNA is transmit the taste for harmonization of the female mark with elegance, originality and style, transported to accessories that give them an unique refinement.


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