The Touch of Spain

“The Touch of Spain”, the pop-up store where young Spanish designers take center stage in New York.


From 5-28 September, BEIÑ presents "The Touch of Spain", a new pop- up store located in the heart of New York in which emerging young Spanish designers present their collections in the U.S. market as part of the internationalization process of these brands.

At Lexington Avenue, in east Manhattan, that runs through the Upper East Side, lies The Roger Smith Hotel, location of the pop-up store. "The Touch of Spain", will host the latest in edgy fashion created by entrepreneurs who are not afraid to innovate. A space designed by Anna Denson, Tali Oren, Francisco Ramón and Jessica Teló, international master Retail Design students led by Carmen Malvar de Elisava, School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, supported by illustrator Tó Campos.

This new pop-up store is the third in a year organized by Beiñ and will include interesting projects from all parts of Spain. Asunción Jordan, the designer from Malaga of "94 West Street", is inspired by the urban woman willing to dress daily with style, Beatriz Peñalver draws inspiration from the flamenco and bullfighting world for her collections using bold color combinations. Artists Workshop "by Sonia Olla", joins the art of the dancer to a studio with creations of shawls, earrings and flamenco dresses with a lot of charisma.