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Publicado por en en PROFESIONAL

8 preguntas para conocer a Yaninna y a su diseñadora.

1. ¿Qué profesión le tomaría si no fueras un diseñador ? Psicóloga .
2. ¿Por qué decidió ser diseñadora ?
Porque me encanta la figura femenina y su armonía. La elegancia y estilo de los accesorios que trasladan a esa figura a un refinamiento de
la mujer único.

3. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de la moda? Los colores, las formas y el hecho de que pueden convertirse en parte del arte .

4. ¿Quién es tu icono de estilo ? Como diseñador, Manolo Blahnik , y como modelo / imagen mientras , Grace Kelly .
5. ¿Cuál es el lugar más inspirador para ti ? No es el lugar es cuando llega la inspiración.

6. ¿Tienes un proceso de investigación específica cuando se inicia el diseño de nuevas piezas ?

No .
7. ¿Escuchas la radio cuando estás trabajando ?
Yo prefiero el silencio.
8. ¿Cuál fue el punto culminante de su carrera hasta ahora ?
No tengo una gran trayectoria, pero lo mejor es la receptividad del público en general y, en particular Momad .


Publicado por en en NEW

Colorful, sun, happiness and good mood are the messages that Guiëm wants to trasmit with his spring/summer collection.b2ap3_thumbnail_5.jpg

We met him in a typical underground area in Madrid, Malasaña. This place is amazing to get new ideas and see new trends.

We said hello and he started speaking about his new collection...

This is a collection very different of the others because the designs are more simple and easy to wear. The whole collection is based on sweaters and T-shirts grey and white. And as a good new this collection is UNISEX so women can wear it too.

Geometric lines and pastel colors are the protagonists of the collection. I wanted to create funny, comfortable and atemporal clothes.

Also I wanted to play with the "twin" concept is when you can combine your clothes with your couple, friends...




We saw the designs and we love them and the UNISEX concept is amazing but we want to know a little bit more...

With this collection I want to transmit the spring touch, hacines  good weather...is the time to do what you want and enjoy everyday. Spring is the time to be different and be free and my designs say it.  

We touched the designs and what kind of materials do you use?

Cotton is the protagonist as in the other collection, but I have used in some of them polyster to make the clothes lightest and with best fall.


And what is your favorite design?

I love sweaters of Love and Hate, they are my favorites. I think this creation reflects perfectly the love/hate relationship we have. 


And now we want to know more about future plans for the brand, what are the following steps?


The idea is continue looking for new sales points in USA, Europe and Spain. I trulla think that you can make it real when you have a good distribution network.  

When you talk with him is really nice..."good mood" and you can see it in his designs but how is the client of Guiëm?

I think they value the originality and creativity, they like to wear what they are. People that feel in a good mood all time and they always see the positive

part of the things. I would like this will be the essence of Guiëm and the people that wear it. 



And for ending... as a Made In Spain deisgner we want to know what have been the best moment for the brand? 

The best moment is when you see and hear good thing about the brand and when the costumer starts to feel the brand. 




Beiñ, the touch of Spain es la consultora responsable de los éxitos de diferentes marcas españolas en el mercado americano. En este caso, Ecoology, Guiëm y Red&Rouge, marcas emergentes españolas han conseguido dar un paso más en Nueva York y ya podemos ver y comprar sus diseños en diferentes tiendas ubicadas en puntos estratégicos de la gran ciudad.
La moda de los turbantes arrasa en Nueva York de la mano de Red&Rouge, a la vez que los diseños slow fashion de Ecoology cada vez tienen más aceptación entre los clientes neoyorquinos. Y, sin dejar a un lado la moda masculina, Guiëm, diseños de inspiración nórdica, ha conquistado a una gran parte público de la Gran Manzana.

Para estos tres diseñadores que ponen su esfuerzo y sueños en la expansión de su marca, estar presentes en tiendas físicas en la gran ciudad de la moda, es un paso gigantesco para lograr el éxito. Ahora sí que podemos decir que "La moda española está de moda".
Bene Rialto, Soot and Tusk y Verameat son las tres concept stores elegidas para mostrar físicamente los diseños españoles al público americano. 

Bene Rialto ubicada entre Garment District y la Quinta Avenida se codea con boutiques de Haute Couture. Aquí encontraremos los diseños de Guiëm y Red&Rouge.

Verameat está ubicada en el East Village, zona alternativa y rockera de Nueva York. Esta concept store está inspirada en lo transgresor y  aquí encontraremos diseños de Guiëm y Red&Rouge.

Por útltimo. Soot&Tusk ubicada en el "barrio de moda" de Nueva York con aire hispter y hervidero de tendencias: Williamsburg alberga los diseños de Ecoology y Guiëm.

Para más información www.beinfashionspain.com

Publicado por en en TRENDS
Road Trip, Part II


We woke up early again. We were so excited to arrive to LA. The first thing that we found was a lot of traffic and the second one was a really hot weather. The first must have stop was the Dolby Theatre or Kodak where the Oscar's ceremony is celebrated. We had the breakfast right there because inside there is a Mall, really nice with an open ceiling. We already had the batteries charged and we went to see the walk of fame just in the same street.
In the most famous stars were caracters as Jack Sparrow, el Zorro or Superman. After that we went to visit the most famous HOLLYWOOD sign, although we couldn't get close it was enough to appreciate how cold it is. After do another stop to eat sushi we visit Beverly Hills and Rodeo St. its most famous street.
All the best designers stores were there, it was amazing.  I chose an outfit between sporty and chic with a high dark leather skirt combined with a black t-shirt and a pair of colorful New Balance. The Beverly Hills and LA styles were casual but with a lot of details and they were fusioned with the typical californian style, surfer rules!
Today we decided to go to the city beach. We walk between high buildings to see the most urban part of the city and after that the coast. We arrived to Venice Beach, one of my favorite places in this trip. There were graffitis, music, people with their own style, a really nice background to walk around. That place gave me inspiration. Everything was in harmony since the coconut trees, the people doing sport to the people going to the beach.
It was so sunny and the californian style was everywhere. After eat in the most famous pizzeria it was the turn to visit  Santa Monica's sunset. We arrived to the Pier and the ferrys wheel got our attention. Also at the Pier is where the famous Route 66 ends. The sunset was beautiful and we went to San Diego. The outfit today were shorts, an Star wars t-shirt and platform sneakers.
We arrive to San Diego during the night and we saw a lightly skyline, it is a charming town. In the morning we visited the Garment district where you could find all kind of stores. After that we saw the sunset in the seafront and we had dinner in Little Italy and we got back next to the beach again.
A lot of people was doing surf and it was a nice ambient there, a lot of pubs and a lot of style. Everybody defines San Diego as the city that most represents the californian lifestyle and I am completely agree. It was some mexican influeneces because it is next to Tijuana, in the México border.
For that day I chose a summer outfit with shorts, a pineapple t-shirt and platform sneakers because I wanted to go comfy and fashion MADEINSPAIN
The BAlboa Park was a must stop before return to LA, it is a natural park, very nice.
There were a lot of gardens, the botanical gardens, historic buildings... We spend a funny morning. Later we arrive to LA in the afternoon. Our last stop before come back to NY were the Universal Studios. We took a 3 hours tour were we saw exhibitions, tv Studios and some curiosities too. After all was time to leave LA. We dinner a yummy taco and we said good bye to LA, its weather and its traffic too! If something is good and short, it is two times better!